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Improve Macro Express Editor Load Time?


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You must have somethign running on your system like adware that's slowing it down. I just did it myself with several other apps already loaded and without the ME editor open and the hotkey sequence fires up the editor in about.... mmmm.... I'm guessing a third of a second. Compared to launching other apps that are icons in my system tray like WLM (Windows Live Messenger)ME is only slightly slower. I'm guessing WLM takes about thalf that time.


I know it's no solution, I just wanted to let you know that it's not slow on all machines and that it might be an issue with somethign on your machine as opposed to ME. FYI I'm running Vista on this machine but I also edit on older Windows 2000 machines, XP, and Server 2003. Although I haven't tried them just now I've never noticed any lag in opening the editor.


Maybe something with the sync settings could slow it down? But I'm using sync so I would expect if anythign that would make it slower.

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