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Difficulty Installing Macro Express 3


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I'm having some difficulty installing Macro Express 3 on a PC with Windows XP, Service Pack 2.


First the installer complains that I'm not a local administrator, which I ignore. Then the installation stops after noting that it cannot write to the file "c:\Program Files\Common Files\Insight Software Solutions\QkStart.exe". (Due to PC interchangeability contstraints, writing to the local harddisk is not allowed. I do have rights for the temp directory and the registry.) On another computer, which does have Macro Express 3 running, I find that there are only three files in above directory: ISSBugRp.chm, ISSBugRp.exe and QkStart.exe.


My question is: can the installer be instructed to put those files elsewhere? Then perhaps I can conclude the installation successfully.

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There should be more files than that in there. I have 23 files in my ME folder and you would need at least MacExp.exe in order to run. It sounds like ME is installed in another location on that machine. Just the three files sounds like an old instance that wasn't uninstalled completely. Look to see where that user's shortcut points to in order to find the real install location.


I'm pretty sure you need to be an administrator on that machine to install ME or any other program of substance. First make your local user account admin before doing anything else. Control Panel > Users… In my experience as an admin I found it very difficult to have users in Windows 2000 or XP be anything but admins on their local machine account, even if they’re every day users. Vista is a lot better this way.


But to answer your question the install shield does give you the option to install ME wherever you like. It just suggests that default folder under program files. You can browse to wherever you like. However it’s not just 3 files.

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The ISS Bug Reporter and the Quick Start Guide are automatically installed in the Windows Common Programs folder. You can choose to not install the Quick Start Guide but there is not an option to not install the ISS Bug Reporter.


It is recommended that you log in as an administrator before installing Macro Express.


A work around would be to log in as an administrator, install Macro Express to whichever drive and folder you need, and delete the Quick Start Guide and ISS Bug Reporter programs from the Common Program Files folder.


Another work around would be to set the Common Program Files folder in Windows to point to the folder where you install programs.

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