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Is There A Function That Waits For Processes?


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I am currently running a macro in access. I pull queries and it can take anywhere from 2 seconds to about 10 seconds. I am currently using the delay 10 seconds button. I like to shave off some time as it waits 10 seconds on every query.


Is there a function in ME that finishes the macro once it senses that the process is finished. While doing a query, there is a counter that counts anywhere from 500-50000. Is there a way to have the macro run once it senses that the counter stopped or the screen has stopped?



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One solution might be to use an Access (VBA) macro instead. This avoids all the timing problems.


Beyond that I am not sure what type of queries you are running or what the screen looks like and I don’t quire understand your counter description. But if it were me I would look at one of the Windows controls. Usually in things like this a control will be grayed out until the action is complete and you can wait for it. I would try something like that.


Also you can wait for the mouse cursor to change sometimes. Most apps will give an hour glass while executing which goes away when it’s complete. But it’s dangerous bc in most case the hour glass will go away if the user moved the cursor off of the app window. If it’s full screen it’s not a problem.

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