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Copy As You Type To The Clipboard?


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What I am trying to do is write a macro that will copy as information is typed. Ideally I would want a macro to start copying what is being typed and when say 9 digits have been reached or simpler 10 seconds has elapsed stop copying what is being typed into the clipboard. I would want the macro copy any input that has been entered either when 10 seconds has elapsed or 9 digits has been reached to the clipboard. I would just do this by selecting the text and using the copy function, but the program being used does not use the clipboard and doesn't immediately allow the clipboard to be used in the program. It seems like this is something that Macro Express should be able to do, but I seem to be running into a wall.... any help would be great!

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I'm not 100% sure but I don't think ME has anyway to monitor and record the keyboard. I mean you can wait for a specific key to be entered but not any key and capture what that key was. There have been many times when I wanted a macro to watch teh keyboard waiting for the person to push any number of keys and then do differnt thigns based on which key it was but I don't think that's possible But it would be nice and I agree there should be a "Wait for Any Key" that would work like the "Wait for Key" but also record that key to a variable. If it does exist I would dearly like to know.

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