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Like I said. Simply have every user use the same macro file and enable the sync. As soon as a change is made all will get the updates the next tiem a macro fires. And you can still keep a development copy. Just overwrite the file used by all when you're ready to roll it out.

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...automatically update the changes of the macro to replace...
Updating a single macro in a macro file is a little difficult. You can import a macro, and you could write a macro to automate this task. You need to make sure that the process deletes the existing macro.


One approach that you might consider is to use the Load Macro Text File command. Create a macro that never changes and have it use the Load Macro Text File to run the macro in an external file. Then you could change the macro in the external macro file at will.


You could, as Cory suggests, have all users share the same macro file. But by doing this you prevent users creating their own macros that are only available to them.


Another option is to save the same macro file on each computer and update it from a master macro file. You could then have a macro that runs to update the macro file. Doing this safely, however, requires using a couple of macro files. Something like this:


- Detect that an updated version of the macro file exists

- Use the Load New Macro File command to load an updater macro file.

- The updater macro file must contain an updater macro that runs automatically when the macro file is loaded. It copies the macro file from the server and replaces the existing main macro file.

- The updater macro then uses the Load New Macro File command to load the newly updated main macro file.


And, when the macro file is updated the users would lose their unique, individual macros.

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