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Why is Macro Express not able to open "Program Launch button"


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I don't get this program sometimes. It's so annoying I could throw something against the wall.


When I open "Program Launch" and click the (...) button to open a file path, it doesn't open. This is on a macro I already created.


Is anyone else having this problem? Sometimes I could throw this program into the sea and wish it's death. I just cannot believe it.


It's done this type of freezing before and I have Windows XP Professional.



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Sometimes I get short pauses when moving around the ME editor, but the pauses are no longer than about 2 seconds. It seems to only happen when I've been working in the editor for a few hours straight. It is not connected with CPU or disk usage because when it happens both are almost idle, and I regularly defragment my disk. Guess I've just learnt to live with it.

Umm...throwing Macro Express into the sea would really have a negative impact on my productivity, so I can't really agree with you on that point.

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