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Need help with window focusing issue please


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Okay, so I know about stuff like wait for window and wait window lose focus and activate window....but is there a way to "deactivate" a window. To make myself clearer what I want to do is have a window on top with focus and then make it lose focus so it's still on top but inactive.


Any help is appreciated thanks!

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Clicking in the background isn't an option unfortunately, and I have tried the set window order commands but they don't allow me to do what I need either. To take a different look at my problem. What I need to do is simply move the mouse and click it within a program. But for some in this program I can move the mouse and click manually but a maco won't move the mouse or click. So I can switch to a different program, move the mouse to where I need and have it click but the first click only activates the program and doesn't actually do anything inside the program. I tried using a double click command hoping for better results but it didn't work either. But I did find that if I deactivate the program 1 click will activate it again and will be recognized within the program. So I was trying to use the start menu to deactivate the program and then use the <ESC> command to close the start menu which would leave the program on top but inactive, however, that doesn't work either because the start menu doesn't close with the macro <ESC> like it does if you push the button yourself. So there is my whole issue hopefully it makes sense by the time you finish reading it...


Any help is appreciated and thank you to blopib and floyd for your suggestions!

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AHA! I've had an epiphany! The mouse does work in the program the program is merely slow to respond so it wasn't picking up the mouse click as it was too fast but if I just use the left mouse button down 1/2 second delay and left mouse button up it works! so I no longer need any assistance regarding this issue. Thank you very much for your help!

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