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I can get ME to do wonderful things, but have not worked with the File/Folders commands much. Looked in older postings but didn't see anything to help (or that I undeerstood). So here goes...


I have a processing application that I work with by loggin into it through Internet Explorer Version 6 by going to the URL set up by our company to work in it. After done I need to run a report that is generated. When the report is ready I double click on the blue words DOWNLOAD FILE. When I do that I get the File Download Pop-up and can choose OPEN, SAVE or CANCEL. I click on the SAVE button. The SAVE AS pop-up comes up.


Are there ME file/folder commands I can use to set the Save in: path and the file name; instead of finding positions using mouse movement control and mouse clicks (which isn't always accurate, depending on processors screen set-up, etc.)


I did a right click on the DOWNLOAD FILE from the IE screen, but cannot save this way. The only way to get the file seems to be with the File Download pop-up and the Save as pop-up. Is there a way to automaticall (using ME) have these come up with the folder and name of the file I want it to save in my desktop?


Anyone with any ideas would help. I'm not a tech person.




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Once in a Save As dialog box I use controls to do my bidding. There is a good tutorial on controls in the sample file. But you can also use hotkeys. By that I mean the little underscore letters. For instance I might see "File name:" and since the N is underscored I can simply type N to get to this field. Here I would not just type the file name but the entire path \\Server\data\reports\2008\March\week1.txt. This is more intuitive than controls and there's not many drawbacks.

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