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Maybe this is already possible?

I've had several times when I put a <Ctrl Down> in my code and forget to follow it up with a <Ctrl Up>.

I'm careful not to do this, but it still happens occasionally. When it does happen it's inevitably during some high pressure moment at work. I'll run the macro, then a few moments later try to use my keyboard and it'll start doing some crazy junk like opening dialogs or deleting things. The question then becomes, "how much damage will I do to my documents before I realize what I've done?" :angry: The answer is often, "Quite a bit!" :rolleyes:


Please consider "Steve-Proofing" Macro Express. I propose that, durring a Save operation, the ME Editor ALWAYS scan a macro's code for any Ctrl, NumLock, Alt, or Shift -down commands that are left unresolved. When you try to save the macro, perhaps it could through up a warning dialog: WARNING You have left the %% Key in a down position! [Continue with save] [Cancel] [Go to Last<%% Down> Command]


Thanks for considering this :P -steve

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Steve this is a user to user forum and is not hosted by Insight so to make sure your request gets acknowledged it would be best if you use Insights Feature Request Form.


As for using <-anykey- Down> I suggest you avoid using them. I write a fair number of macros and I can't remember the last time I needed to set a down condition. I think many people believe ME will only see the command combo if they do this but it's not the case. For instance if you would like to open the file menu with CTRL+F you only need to TextType "<CONTROL>f". ME will in effect do this as a combo. Some think they need to do a "<CTRLD>f<CTRLU>" but this is not the case. And by not setting the down condition one avoids getting the control button stuck!

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