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Compress multiple files/folders into separate archives


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Hello all,


I am a first time poster and a Newbie user of Macro Express. Can some one give me a jump start on how to automatically compress each file/folder on a

given path into separate archives? Resulting archives are placed on another path. If possible, I would like to use winrar application and set compression method to Best.



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Can I use macro express variables in "Program Parameters" field from "Activate/Launch Program" dialog (e.g., -a -r -m5 %T1% %T1%)?



When I run the macro I get the warning "no archives found".

To check to see if the parameter is correct you could use a Text Box Display command immediately above the Activate/Launch Program command. Once the macro is working you can disable or delete the extra Text Box Display command. You can also step through your macro using the debugger to see the content of variables at specific points in the macro.

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