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Play WAV-Files randomly in Folder

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Sorry i´m occupying the forum with my questions. At least the last 4 were mine. ;-)


I would like to play WAV-Files randomly which are located in a folder. I can use a workaround to create Random Numbers between 1 an 100, rename the soundfiles accordingly (EG "1.wav") and use a string variable to pick those files.


But i don´t want to rename the soundfiles. Is this possible? Maybe with one of those sophisticated "REPEAT WITH FOLDER" -Commands?


Thanks a lot once more!!!



P.S.: I sometimes get 0 when Creating Random Integer Var. between 1 and 12 (set to a random value). How come?

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Yeah. Count the number of files in the folder. Then create a random number between 1 and the number of files. Now Repeat with Folder and include a counter. When the counter equals the random number aborth the repeat with a break and play that file.

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