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Icon file problems

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I use the optional MEP icons but yesterday I came across a machine at my largest client who's icons were missing. It turns out the reason is because she has a 64bit version of Vista and MEP installed itself in "c:\Program Files (x86)" instead of the usual "C:\Program Files" so the path I specified to the local icons is invalid.


Is there a way one can use some variable like the %ProgramFiles% environmental variable in the path that would point to the 32 bit folder? I tried a couple but none seemed to work.


I had considered moving the icons folder to the network drive folder where the macro resides and have them all point there. But I am not a fan of that idea because I am trying to make this client's macro folder portable by making it a one directory package of all it's support files and such. You see in this case I set a variable for the current macro folder then in all my paths to supporting files and such they are prefaced with that instead of an actual path. But I can't do that for the icon name.


Any ideas?

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I am familiar with this command but I fail to see how I could use it to define the macro's icon. As far as I can tell there is no way to use a variable here.

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I thought you were asking how to get the 'Program Files (x86)' folder. Sorry.


So, you're saying that you are writing a macro on a machine where the icon will be in

c:\Program Files\Macro Express Pro\icons


and another machine where they will be in:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Macro Express Pro\icons


You are right. There doesn't seem to be a way to make this portable. The solution would be to create a folder that will have the same name for all computers. Perhaps you should have a c:\macros folder and put the icons there or in something like c:\macros\icons.


Your request has been added to our tracking system and assigned the tracking number [iSS7093].

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