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ME3 converting text \ to \\?

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I had problems with a converted macro which turned out to be due to an incorrect conversion:

Original ME3.........If Variable %T1% contains "[H:\"

Converted to MEPro........If Variable %T[1]% Contains "[H:\\"

Removing one of the backslashes cured the problem

I'm sure I saw something somewhere about this but I can't find it and Help search doesn't allow the \\ search string. Is it a bug or is it in a dire warning list somewhere?

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I have converted many ME3 macros and have never seen this double backslash. However I have not converted any with the past couple of versions. Can you create a simple ME3 macro and reproduce? Then attach that with your bugrep. However I often find things that look like bugs and after I try to create a simple example I find that the problem was something completely unexpected.

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