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I am in the process of upgrading approx. 250 PCs to the latest version of Macro Express. But with people moving around from cube to cube and their PCs going with them, etc, I have lost track. I would like to send a playable macro out through Email to the entire office and ask each person to activate it. The macro would then automatically reply to me with their name (login name), Cube number (PC Name), and Macro Express Version. I can get all of it to work except for the version. Is there a command that will pull this info into a variable? Or is there a more complicated way of doing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Try this:

Set Variable %T1% to "Preferences Registry Key"
Read Registry String: "MacExp Version"

<VSETMISC:T1:Preferences Registry Key><REGRSTR:2:%T1%\Miscellaneous\MacExp Version>

There are a couple of things to watch out for:

  1. Not sure how far back the "Variable Set From Miscellaneous" command goes. Some of your users may have earlier Macro Express versions.
  2. Some users may not have "write" access to the HKLM part of the Registry if this is the key that holds the info instead of HKCU.

There are work-arounds for the above problems, but perhaps we should find out if the problems exists.

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There is another issue that we recently discovered. When preferences that were saved previously are loaded into Macro Express, the version number is not updated until you run a macro. Before the next macro runs, the version reported is the version number of Macro Express that was used to export the preferences. This issue will be fixed with the next release of Macro Express.


You can import the preferences in a variety of ways such as:

- Click Tools and Import Program Configuration

- Use the /IC option on the command line

- Use the ConfigFilePath Advanced Silent Install option

- Use the DEFPREFS.MCF file


If you are not importing the preferences, then the technique Joe describes will work fine.


The Set Variable %T1% to "Preferences Registry Key" command used in Joes Example is part of the "Variable Set From Misc" macro command. This was added with v 3.5 of Macro Express. Let us know if some of your users have an earlier version of Macro Express and we'll post a macro that you can use to determine where in the registry the preferences are stored.

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Thanks Floyd! I just tested this macro on several PCs, some where the user had admin rights and some where the user did not. In all instances, the user had rights to at least read from the registry. However, when a user with a version earlier than 5.0 ran the macro, Variables T1 and T2 came up empty. That would still suit my needs I think. When I get my return Emails, and the version number is missing, I can just assume that they need to be upgraded.


Thanks again!

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