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There is a new free utility that has recently been written which I believe may be of great interest to long-time Macro Expressers. It allows you to access any context-menu item directly from the command-line.


Here's a simple example:

Open Explorer, navigate to some Acrobat document and right-click to see the Acrobat context menu. This menu includes the command Print. Suppose you need to run this menu item from within a macro.


At present, you simulate a right mouse click, then move down the menu as many lines as is needed until you reach Print, then left-click the mouse. And you have to write the ME code to do this.


With this utility, you'd open a command prompt and run it with the name of your Acrobat document (you do this only once). This shows you the context menu, from which you select Print. The output from this utility now displays a command plus parameters to allow you, straight from the command line, to Print your Acrobat document, thereby avoiding the need for clicking and moving the mouse up or down from within your macro. You can now copy and paste this commanbd plus parameters into your macro.


Take a look (it's the 17th utility listed) - Cautomaton.

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