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Copy text to Variables

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I have what I think may be a fairly easy situation, but I am not sure how to do it...


I have text that I am copying into variables. I have a situation that will always exist. On the 6th line down into the text file or %T[6]% there is a consistent value, either Business or Residential, either way I want to copy that value into a Variable.


Then If the text or variable equals Residential I want to run Macro A.


If the text or Variable equals Business, I want to run Macro B.


I have the rest of the Macros built I just need to know how to do this part of it.


Thanks for any help.



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I usually have the variables %CR% (ASCII 13) and %LF% (ASCII 10) for carriage return and line feed which are the EoL (End of Line) characters. I would split your variable into an array variable %Temp%. You will need ot define the array with as many elements as you ever think you will have. No it’s simply a matter of “If %Temp[6]% is ‘Residential’”. Or “If contains” for a partial match. See attached


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Hey Cory,


I was hoping to find you. You have always been able to work out our weird situations or requests. This is what I am working with:




WAUKESHA, WI 53186-1309

Phone: 262-524-1678


Listed Since: 2005



County: WAUKESHA (55133)


Sorry it is 7th line or %T[6]%. Where this equals Residential I am going to continue in my original Macro. If this value equal Business I want to call and run a different Macro - "Select(Business)"



If %T[6]% equals Business

Somehow run Macro Select(Business)


Rest of Macro

End If


It is probably staring me in the face but...



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A line with nothing still counts as a line. Open your variables window (F5) and run my script and you can see what MEP is seeing. Or make a text box and put this in:


1: %T[1]%

2: %T[2]%

3: %T[3]%

4: %T[4]%

5: %T[5]%

6: %T[6]%

7: %T[7]%

8: %T[8]%

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I am so sorry. I finally get it. Sometimes it takes a little while. Thank you for not giving up on me completely. Between this Topic and the other one, I think I have finally figured out what you have been trying to tell me for years about processing text....


Heather (and Bob)

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