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simulate keystrokes in win 7 breaks in xp mode?

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Hey guys,


runing MEP 4.0d build 1 on a Win7x64 box.


We've got a macro that activates a program window then sends a Text Type of ESC.


In the activated program, ESC is a hotkey mapped to running a script, written in the program's native scripting language.


Everything works just fine and dandy, but when I switch the program to run in XP compatibility mode (it's not native Win7 or a 64-bit app) everything works but the last part. The program window activates, but no keystroke is sent. If I switch the app back to running in regular mode, the macro runs just fine.


Anyone else run into this? Is there a security setting in Win7 that is breaking this?

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I have never heard of any issues like this. Some random thoughts:

1. When you say XP Compatibility Mode you're not talking about XP Mode which uses MS Virtual Machine, are you?

2. Have you tried the same trick with another application like Notepad?

3. Have you tried adding or increasing the delay?

4. Can you have a hotkey activated macro that types an Escape or other keys in the app to see if they're working?

5. Might want to try updating to the current version, you're way behind. Probably not a problem but always worth trying.

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I'm running Windows 7 professional x64.


I created a shortcut to UltraEdit (no compatibility mode set).

I then ran this macro:

Window Activate: [Edit1] - UltraEdit
Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): x

and, as expected, an x duly appeared in the UltraEdit window.


I then changed the properties of the shortcut, forcing Windows XP (service pack 3) compatibility, reran the shortcut, and reran the macro. It continued to work!


But I see you're running MEP v1, whereas the current version is As a general principle, I think you should always run the latest version of software unless you have a specific reason not to. For MEP, I'd emphasize this advice even more.

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