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I want to create a macro file that contains a lot of texttype (rtf) macros in order to make special characters available to a range of programs like mindmanager etc.

I attach the textfile to be imported which is UTF-8 encoded in order to preserve the characters.


How do I tell Macroexpress pro to import those datasets as Texttype macros with the rtf option and Verdana font enabled ?





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There is no file attached.


I'm confused as to what yowant toto do but I'll make one observation.


Text type simply executes keystrokes as a user does. Just like the user's keyboard it has no ability to sent a bit of text to a program with formatting. You would need to set the formatting in the application first then type or paste the text.

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I was able to do it this way:


1. Create a new macro containing only a Text Type command using the Paste Rich Text option.

2. From within the Macro Express Script Editor click View, Direct Editor.

3. Highlighted and copied the text.

4. Opened a Text Editor program. (Notepad would work.)

5. Pasted the text based macro.

6. Saved the text file.


7. Created another new macro.

8. Put in an Activate/Launch command to load WordPad. (Because WordPad can display Rich Text.)

9. Put a Delay command after Activate/Launch.

10. Put Load Macro Text File command

11. Saved the macro.


When this macro runs it launches WordPad and Text Types the Rich Text.




There is a Paste Rich Text option in the Text Type command.

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