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Checking if macros are running on various machines

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Is there a way using MEP or some other program to check the running state of a macro on different machines? I currently have 3 machines all running the same macro. This macro does sometimes stop due to problems with Internet Explorer. I would like to create a macro that pooled the status of these machines every 5 minutes and notified me of any issues if one of the macros had stopped running.


Any help would be great

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I would create a network INI file with one property for each machine. At the beginning of each macro set that properties value to “Running” and at the end to “Stopped”. Bet if this be on the mast computer’s drive. Now set a macro activation on the master machine to changes in files so that when one of your other machines begins or ends execution a local macro runs and alerts you of the change. This way you would not have to wait as much as 2 minutes.


MEP can natively access INI files. If you’re not familiar check out those commands.


I’ve made many variations on this theme over time. In one case I had dozens of macros running in concert on different machines and self-coordinating the matches of account numbers they were using. They also reported statistical information like number of records, average time and so forth. The master control macro then would update either a macro text box or a web page that was generated by MEP. It would auto-refresh every 10 seconds giving me a control panel monitor of all the machines running and their status and progress. Worked cool.


BTW if you ever do decide to create the HTML view you could also use that in a Windows Sidebar Widget. I’ve never done it but I read about a simple method to create them from basic HTML.

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