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Save as dialog box called from acrobat pro X

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Hello first post here.


I have a problem with a macro I invoke while using Acrobat Pro X.

I start the macro from a dialoge box called "Sign Document" inside Acrobat.


The macro tabs thru the fields, enters a password, tabs again to the Sign Button:


Text Type (simulate keystrokes) <TAB><TAB>password<TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB>


The line above works.

I then do a enter to click the button.


Text Type (simulate keystrokes) <NUMENTER>


The line above also works. It brings the "Save As" dialog box. Whith focus in the File Name field.

Here is where I have a problem...

I want to tab twice to the save button and click to save:


Text Type (simulate keystrokes) <TAB><TAB><NUMENTER>


For some reason the macro will not execute the above line. Focus stays in the File Name field in the "Save As" dialog box.


I tried debuging using breakpoints and step, but when the "Save As" dialog box appears, the <TAB> macro commands do not work.


I changed my scope to global. still does not work.

I put a delay before the problem line (Delay:0.5 seconds) did not work.


Any suggestions appreciated.


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It's more efficient to use controls in this case. One of many benefits is that is you can use the control's readiness to control timing. This way you don't waste extra time on the delay. There is a good tutorial on controls either in the samples file in your MEP folder or on the website. I can't remember which.

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