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4000 Macros are too much?

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I noticed that that the MEX Pro - Explorer Window consumes often up to 40% of my CPU! Is this normal? I have 4445 Makros.


As it´s not necessary for MEX Pro to run i often close it for this reason. Is it possible to restart it via a macro?


Acessing the MacEdit.exe via "Program launch" leads to the message

"The editor must be launched from the player."


In Macros View i have the columns:

Nickname, Activations, Scope, Index, Modifyed, Last Run Time

Wasn´t there also a column "category"? How do i locate a macro (folder/catgory) in the view "All Categories"


Thank You


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On my computers, Macro Express does not consume as much CPU is yours. Not nearly as much.

I have about 700 Macro Express scripts, with one-third disabled at any time. So I have 400 or 500 active macros.

Presumably only the active scripts draw system resources.

During the past 1 1/2 months, I have run about 150 macros. Which means that I use only one third of all my active macros regularly (or semi-regularly).

Have you tried disabling most of your scripts, and rechecking CPU usage?

Or creating a new macro file, and importing only your most important scripts?

You do not need macros to restart Macro Express. Create a shortcut to macexpro.exe and place it on the desktop. Open its properties, and assign a "shortcut key" to activate the shortcut. Alternatively, don't assign a shortcut key, and go to the desktop when you need to restart Macro Express, and double click the shortcut icon.

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Please read my post again.


Not Macro Express (macexpro.exe) itself but the Explorer Window of MEX consumes the power. Therefore i´m closing it and looking for a way to start it via a shortcut.


Ascessing the MacEdit.exe directly as i mentioned is not possible!


Thank You


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