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Huh ?? ME can do the job, ME Pro can't !

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since years I own ME (v3.6).

I d like to use some of the facilities of ME Pro, so I downloaded the trial version.

But..... ME Pro has sometimes difficulties with recognizing windows with the Partial Match option selected.

Many topics in the fora, problem exists for years

So I set up a little test.

Made exactly the same little macro (put window [partial name] in the bottom right corner).

Tested it on some filetypes.

Surprisingly one filetype-window (.rtf , opened with Jarte) could not be macroed with ME Pro, only with good old ME.

Played around with settings, same results.

Repeated the test on another machine, same results.

Dont understand.

Any suggestions ?




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MEP has occasional difficulties related to window titles. For example, I do not find that "activation by window title" works as reliably in Pro as in 3.x. It does work... but sometimes not. On some systems, there are intermittent delays before window-title triggered scripts activate.


Up-to-date versions of Pro are better in this regard. And I am optimistic that the good folks at Insight Software will sort it out!

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Please create a support incident with ISS and/or bug report. The fact that you can show ME and MEP using the exact same activation should be very telling.


This is a crap work around but it is possible to activate a macro in MEP with ME using MeProc.exe. See help file. If you have both installed anyway and you really want capabilities in MEP this might be a stopgap until ISS can fix this problem.

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