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MEP to ME3 conversion?

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Not sure which forum to post this in, and wasn't able to find a prior thread about this, but:


Is there an easy way to convert Macro Express Pro scripts to Macro Express 3 scripts?


I mean I could take the same commands from each program and manually make a macro that replaces text and pastes it in the other format, but that would take a really long time, and I don't think everything would translate over. Looking for something easier and faster.


The reason I ask is because I work with people who could benefit from scripts I make, but they use ME3 and I use MEP. Personally I'd prefer they all just buy ME Pro but it's their money and I can't tell them what to do with it.

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As Alan said when going to a more limited feature set many things would be impossible. For instance named variables. How would one go from %ClientName% to %T1%. Or better yet %T[1]% to %T1%. So even using to original feature set it would be very difficult. One would have to write a converter program and even if one existed I'd be very dubious of the results. Better to do a rewrite.

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