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global variable, join string

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Macro 1

<VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x00" Destination="%content_variable[4]%" Value="This is what i want to write." NoEmbeddedVars="FALSE"/>
<MACRO RUN Use_ID="FALSE" Name="Macro 2" ID="-1" Wait="TRUE"/>

Macro 2

<VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x00" Destination="%content_variable[1]%" Value=" [ " NoEmbeddedVars="FALSE"/>
<DELAY Flags="\x03" Time="300"/>
<DATE/TIME Format="dd.MM.yyyy hh:mm" Flags="\xB0" Date="19.12.2013 12:19:01" Day_Offset="0" Month_Offset="0" Year_Offset="0" Hour_Offset="0" Minute_Offset="0" Second_Offset="0" Left="Center" Top="Center" Monitor="0" Variable="%content_variable[2]%" IsDateVar="FALSE"/>
<DELAY Flags="\x03" Time="300"/>
<VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x00" Destination="%content_variable[3]%" Value=" ] " NoEmbeddedVars="FALSE"/>
<DELAY Flags="\x03" Time="300"/>
<COMMENT Value="Here should stay the content from Macro 1"/>
<DELAY Flags="\x03" Time="300"/>
<JOIN STRING Source="%content_variable%" StartIndex="1" EndIndex="4" Destination="%content_variable[5]%" _COMMENT="join string from 1 to 4 in array %content_variable[5]%"/>
<DELAY Flags="\x03" Time="300"/>
<VARIABLE MODIFY STRING Option="\x12" Destination="%content_variable[5]%" Filename="C:\\Users\\Besitzer\\Desktop\\Logfile.txt" Strip="TRUE" NoEmbeddedVars="FALSE"/>

I want to use %content_variable[4]% (Global Variable) in Macro 2 so that all content from Macro 1 and Macro 2 comes together, "join" the string, and write it into a textfile.


The problem is: Macro 2 (not Global Variable) do not take the content from Macro 1 and join the string. (content from Macro 2 is taken) OR


Content from Macro 1 is taken (Macro 2 Variable Global), but do not take the content from Macro 2.


How can i fix this?



Macro 1.mex

Macro 2.mex

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curious! This morning I tested both macros with "global variable" (Make this variable availably to macros called by this macro, Macro 1+Macro 2) Doesn't work. Now, it works O_o


Thanks Cory. Problem solved.


Solution: "Make this variable availably to macros called by this macro" in Macro 1 AND Macro 2

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