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Copy data from drop Down

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How far have you got so far? Which part are you having trouble with?


Assuming your drop-down list is already open, there are at least three ways you could then select a particular entry manually. So just write your macro to do the same.


1. Type arrow keys to reach it.


2. Type the corresponding letter.


3. Move the mouse (with the 'Relative position' option) to it.



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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Almost impossible with MEP. Depending on the script language you can sometimes download the raw HTML and decipher the list of items for a control and the selected index.


This is one reason I don't use MEP anymore for scraping. In .NET there's a WebBrowser control that uses the HTML DOM. With it I can programmatically get the selected item of a control in one command. Much easier.

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