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A feature I am requesting is a new option with the "wait for key press" command. I would like the key swallowed. In other words, when the user presses the target key, Macro Express intercepts it without passing it along.


Wait for Key Press: A


The macro is waiting for A. If the user presses A, the script executes the next line without sending A to the application.

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Great suiggestions. Shift might be good, too.


As it turns out, I have been using Ctrl, but I anticipate side effects. I am developing this macro for someone who may, on occasion, need to hold down the Ctrl key as the macro activates: The script automates mouse dragging from point A to B. If the user chooses to copy instead of move an object, she will need to hold down the Ctrl key. So I don't want to confuse matters by using Ctrl.


Sending Alt to an application that has a menu bar or ribbon shifts keyboard input focus from the active window to the menu/ribbon... so there could be side effects.


I sent an "official" feature request last night, so we'll see what happens with the next release olf MEP. I can imagine a check box in Wait for key dialog that reads something like...


[ ] Intercept rather than send the key




[ ] Don't output the key




[ X ] Send the key after it is intercepted

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