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Decision tree logic

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I am needing to create macros to mimic some complex decision trees that I use at work. The way that I have it set up right now is that the macro prompts the user to answer yes/no questions, enter values, pick from a multiple choice list... then the macro will spit out an answer.


I find this process rather tedious to answer about 10 popup questions to reach my answer. Not only that, but I often make errors or change my mind about how to answer certain questions and have to start over from the beginning. My question to you is... is there a better/more intuitive way to approach this? I wish I could at least run backwards through the macro so that I could correct input errors instead of starting over from the beginning, but I cannot wrap my head around how to tackle that problem. I've briefly looked into creating a form that would ask all the questions in one place, but I believe that would require me to write and run an external script, which is currently outside of my capabilities.



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I frequently struggle with this limitation of MEP. I even offered to write a generic .NET add-on program to create a multiple-input form on the fly for users. But there was no interest.


The best advice I can think of for you is to use a multiple choice menu but use the multiple choice option instead of the single choice. However this will only work if you have Boolean responses. Another option might be to have a Text Box with multiple lines that would act as a display that you leave up. Then use a variable Set form user input box to affect it. I'm thinking you could enter a line number followed by a colon and take that input to run thou a tree logic again accumulating lines of string and display the results in the Text Box using the Update Text Box command instead.

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