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Starting ME Pro with Windows 10

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I've spent most of the day on two essentially trivial problems, but can't relax until I've sorted them. One, which I've already posted about is the pesky sample.mex file, which I'm still unable to remove.


The other one is getting ME Pro to run automatically on a PC restart. I've worked around it but am still puzzled why it didnt work after simply setting it in Options > Preferences > Startup.


I seem to have finally got it to start by placing a shortcut to MeProc.exe in my Startup folder, instead of a shortcut to MacExp.exe which is what I have on my XP PC.


This is for Windows 10. I've never had the problem in XP.


Anone have any insight into this please?



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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You have a strange mix of problems. I would first look to security software and any kind of compatibility modes. MEP acts very much like a virus so it's often the case that the OS or security software will block it.


A long time ago I had problems with macros sticking in the startup so I removed the item to have MEP create the startup shortcut for me and instead added a registry item in Run. That's the way mine runs now.

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