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Immediately ececution in Multiple Choice Dialog

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i a multiple choice i press a letter(which is marked by an &) - then this selection is marked - after that i have to push the ok button - is it possible to immediately execute this selection by just typing the letter. this letter may only work in this dialog.


sorry, my english is not that perfect some twenty years ago in school :rolleyes:


Thank you Greetings from gerrmany





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My German is worse than your English, so I won't even try.


I don't know if this will work or not. It depends whether the multiple choice menu is seen by Macro Express as a window.


The multiple choice menu has a title.

Start a second macro based on the menu's window title appearing.

In the second macro, wait for a keystroke (any key) making the choice.

In the second macro, type ENTER or use the mouse to click the OK key.

The original macro that displayed the multiple choice menu should then continue.


I can't test this because I have Macro Express 3, not Pro, and ME3 doesn't allow multiple concurrent macros to run.

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