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Years back I had a wonderful mechanical keyboard. Can't even remember the brand now, but it has been unavailable for many years. It was a pleasure to type on, and had 24 programmable keys as well -- you simply pressed the Program key, the hot key, then a sequence of keystrokes, then an end key. MUCH faster than writing a macro, if all you wanted was a short sequence for something you had to "type" a few hundred times. But that's what got me interested in Macro Express in the first place, because you couldn't embed any time delays or conditional tests with the keyboard, just a string of keystrokes. Eventually I used the programmable keys mostly to trigger ME macros, with a couple set aside for on-the-fly temporary use. The keyboard never actually died, but over the years computers changed from a large round keyboard connector to a small round connector -- which still worked fine with an adapter. But USB input was the end; even with an adapter the keyboard no longer worked. It was a sad day.

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They make active adapters like this.


For years I converted my old keyboard with the cherry switches. But now I love low profile mech switches like on a laptop. So I have the Logitech Illuminated. But I'd like to find a keyboard like this but without the 10=key on the end so the mouse would be closer. More ergonomic.


There are a lot of gamer keyboards that are programmable.

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