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Multiple Choice Menu Default Value Not Working

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Hi there, folks,


I'm making a little macro to launch various versions of an application I have. I'd like to set the default choice of the multiple choice menu to B. I've read the help file and the FAQ and the forum post, and they all say the same thing: Variable set string %T[1]% to B and you're golden.


The problem is, I've done that (or at least I think I have) and it's not working. Here's my macro:


<VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x00" Destination="%T[1]%" Value="B" NoEmbeddedVars="FALSE"/>
<MULTIPLE CHOICE MENU Style="\x00" Result="\x00" Dest="%version%" Title="Policy Manager Launcher" Prompt="Which version of CA Policy Manager would you like to launch?" Options="9.1\r\n9.2\r\n9.3" Left="Center" Top="Center" Monitor="0" Width="443" Height="296" OnTop="TRUE" Columns="Auto"/>
<SWITCH Variable="%version%"/>
<CASE Value="B"/>
<ACTIVATE OR LAUNCH Title="CA API Gateway - Policy Manager 9.2.00" Exact_Match="FALSE" Wildcards="FALSE" Path="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\CA Technologies\\CA API Gateway Policy Manager\\CA API Gateway Policy Manager.exe" Mode="\x00" Default_Path="TRUE" Wait="1" Wait_For_Program="12"/>


If I've missed something simple, which I hope, please let me know. If not, I'd love some help getting the multiple choice menu to have the second option, 9.2, pre-selected.



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In MEP the variables are declared separately. Look at the variables tab. It's not like modern programming languages where you can declare (dimension) them in the code. Sometimes conditionally. All variables are initiated as soon as the macro starts.

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