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Activate Window command not working

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When inserting the Window Activate command, click the "Browse" and select the specific CintaNotes windows you want to activate. Then set the "window title" drop down to "Exact Match." Save the macro and test.

If it works, edit the command to work more generally. For example, if the window title is "CintaNotes - Document001" but you want it to work for Document 001, 002, 003, etc., delete "001" and then change the drop down to "Partial Match."

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Exactly what acantor said. If it's MDI you might have some issues. In some cases the 'documents' can exist outside the parent window. But technically they're still part of that parent window. Also if there are multiple windows with the same title it can get difficult. I had that problem with Outlook. But look and see what you see when you browse and we will take it from there. 

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Thanks, acantor and Cory. In the end, I think my keyboard shortcut might have been the issue. I might have picked a keyboard shortcut that was already being used for something else. I changed it, and the macro is working now! Thanks again. 

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