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Working with pdf documents

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I have a large (i.e., many hundreds of pages) .pdf document that is composed of many 1- or 2-page documents.

I know by certain content on the page whether a particular page is Page 1 or Page 2.

My goal is to automate a process so I take the original .pdf document and generate a new .pdf document that is made up on only 2-page documents.  So, if one of the sub-documents is only 1 page long, I want to insert a blank page as its corresponding "page 2".

I know how in Adobe Acrobat the steps needed to insert a blank page.  That's easy.

The challenge is to automate process so I don't have to manually go through all hundreds of pages and insert a blank page when it's needed.


Any suggestions or examples which I could adapt?



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Assuming the  text is text and not raster graphic data from a scan, you should be able to select all the text, suck that into a variable in MEP, make a decision, probably using something like "if contains". If the condition warrants a page insertion, then do those steps. Then navigate to the next page(s) and repeat. 

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Adobe Acrobat and Macro Express don't play together particularly well.


But here is an idea. Open the "Print" dialog, navigate to the "Pages" field, and press Tab. If there is more than one page, this field will read "1 - 33" (or whatever).


I don't think you can navigate to this field if there is only one page, but you'll need to check.

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