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Finding a box on a webpage and then clicking it

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I am trying to repeat various actions on paginated webpages, and I have a macro that just recorded my mouse movements and works reasonably well. But not perfect, since the boxes do not always appear in the right place. Hence the following two questions:

  • image.png.e7a7b5d5fc989e409dc65d7d91f86b5b.png is there a way of finding this box then clicking on it in a way that does not involve using the mouse ? 
  • image.png.efc888e7dcdcc247998d8e0e170a2d25.png and then the same here: is there a way to reliably jump to the next page - again without using a mouse?


Thanks much for any advice!

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I don't have much time here but I would like to mention an alternative. After thousands of hours of trying to find boxes and do anything in a web browser with MEP and a mouse, I gave up and learned to do everything by keyboard, mostly using the tab key. Hit the home button and count the number of tabs to the control you want. 

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You may be able to combine Cory's technique with searching for text on the page.


Something like this:


Type: <CONTROL>f  //Find

// Insert short delay, maybe 100 ms

Type: Select 1 - 100<ENTER>

Type: <ESC>  // Cancel the search

// Insert short delay

Type: <SHIFT><TAB>  // Navigate to the check box and give it focus

Type: <SPACE>  // Check the checkbox

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