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How to remap keyboard?

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The online Help* says that to remap the keyboard:

   1. From the Macro Explorer, select Tools > Remap Keyboard.
   2. The Remap Keyboard window will activate.

However when I do this the Remap Keyboard window does *not* appear.


It also says:

Note: Click on Options > Preferences > General and select the Miscellaneous tab to disable the Keyboard Remapping feature.  It shows a screenshot
    Close open ....
    Disable keyboard remapping
    Delete temporary...

However when I follow these instructions there is no "Disable keyboard remapping" option.


How can I remap the keyboard?  Thanks for any suggestions.


Version:  Macro Express Pro


* https://www.macros.com/helppro/Index.htm?context=3240

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The remap keyboard feature has been removed from Macro Express. This decision was made because changes in recent versions of Windows caused this feature to no longer work properly, this feature is infrequently used, and because Microsoft now offers a better way to remap keys on the keyboard.


To remap keys download and install PowerToys for Windows 10 and run the Keyboard Manager.


The online help has now been updated.


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On 9/19/2021 at 1:58 PM, coffent said:

How can I remap the keyboard?  Thanks for any suggestions.

I have "sort of remapped" a couple individual keys by using them as a hotkey to trigger a macro.  The macro checks conditions and either performs its work, or simply text-types the original character, as appropriate.  In other words, except in special situations the macro simply acts as a pass-through for the key that triggered the macro.  I wouldn't want to remap the whole keyboard that way, though!😬

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Not to beat a dead horse, but this was fun to try as an experiment:  


This macro (and a bunch more like it) works surprisingly well.  Even with the logging (to prove to myself that it was running), it easily keeps up with my typing, and I'm a pretty good typist.  The hotkey to start the macro is the letter "a", and the macro types the letter "a", but it could easily type a different letter.  So if you have only a few keys you want to remap, this would be practical.  If you want to change the whole keyboard from qwerty to Dvorak, this would be the hard way to do it. 


Keystroke Speed: 0 milliseconds
Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): a
Log Messages to "C:\Temp\MacroExpressProLogFiles\MacroExpressPro_Macro_Log_File.txt"
  "Macro executed: 0a"
Macro Return


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