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I'm looking for a simple Mass Email Macro

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I'm wondering if there is a easier way to send mass individual emails.


- Attaching 2 PDF file

- Changing the email address for each email.

- Changing the name in the content


Using the outlook?


Is there easier way to do this and not spend hours sending the emails....  using the macro?    


It's that time of the year where I would need to send out contracts to our clients....

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I have done this in MEP but I find using Mail Merge with the email method in Outlook to be much simpler. No need of creating a macro for an extant function.

Also mailing services like MailChip and Constant Contact will let you use their services for free up to a limit. For most people the limit is more than adequate. 

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Like Cory, I've written macros for tasks like these, but I've found built-in methods, like Mail Merge, usually accomplish much the same thing much easier.


If you don't want to use Mail Merge, there may be ways to semi-automate the process without using macros.


For example, prepare an outgoing message that includes the two attachments. Save it as a draft. Go into the "Drafts" folder. Copy the message, and paste it repeatedly until you have pasted in the number of messages you need.


You will still need to go into each message and insert email addresses. But if the number of messages is relatively small, these kinds of "tricks" significantly reduce the effort.



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