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wait for mouse double click, is it possible?

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None directly that I am aware of.

You might be able to wait for a mouse click, record the time, then wait again for another click. If the period is less than 500 ms or so, you know a double click has occurred. 

You could also halt the macro and enable another macro with activation of a System Event for double-click and restart the macro jumping to that point in the macro. Or breaking the macro in two, one before and one after. 

You could also use control events. Often when one double clicks on something a control will come into existence or change. For instance "Wait for control" or "Wait for control to be focused." 

What is the application? It's hard to help much without knowing what program you're using and what you're trying to do. 

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Maybe something like this? I opted for hotkey activation, and chose LMouse as the hotkey.


Lock Keyboard and Mouse
Wait for Left Mouse Click // One click
On Error
  Catch Error: Condition was not met within the specified amount of time
    Text Box Display: One click
    Macro Stop
  End Catch Error
End Error
Text Box Display: Two clicks
Unlock Keyboard and Mouse


A script like this needs to be window or program specific. Otherwise, left clicking anywhere, and in any context, will trigger the macro. Which you probably don't want to happen!

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