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I have the same problem as described by the original author. This happened all of a sudden. There isn't any reason for me to not have permission on any folder on my PC, as I am logged on as a local admin. I have tried creating the Macro file in various folders. Strangely enough, the ME program has no problem creating a new macro file: it just can't save any new changes to the newly created (or even the older) macro files. I unistalled the program, rebooted, and resintalled with no improvement.



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That’s odd. Is it possible the file is open by another instance of ME? Perhaps running on the network? Also check and see what’s up with your system file locks. Maybe, and this is a wild guess, something like an AV program has a file lock against it.


For this you should really start an incident on Insights support site. They are very good and usually get back with you in less than a day.


FYI this sight is not actually run by Insight even though a few of them hang out here. Often newbs think otherwise which is understandable but they will most often get better and faster support straight from the horses mouth.

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This was reported to the Support department of Insight Software Solutions. Here is an excerpt of the reply:

When you save a macro file the file is first saved to a temporary file. Then, if that save was successful, the temporary file is copied on top of the macro file. These temporary files are named ~macexp30.$$$, ~macexp30.$$1, ~macexp30.$$2, etc. The temporary files are not deleted but are left in your TEMP directory.


The TEMP directory varies from computer to computer. So Macro Express asks Windows where the TEMP directory is located.

The customer replied:

My system's temp directory had become corrupted and the $$$ files could not be accessed.

For more information see the Knowledgebase article: Could not save the macro due to the following error: File access denied.

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