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Saving Enviroment Settings And Re-capturing


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This sounds a little weird.... but....



About half of the macros I have built are reliant upon pixel colors or icon positioning to process the commands I have told it to. For example... one macro will wait until a certail area of the screen to turn blue before continuing. This was our last resort because we could not find any other way to time the macro to wait for a new screen to appear (title does not change). Anyway, we have 50 computers set up to run macros. Some of the settings (color preferences) are different by machine. As well, it appears that an icon on one machine does not always appear in the same position as another machine... maybe due to font sizes or something else.


Is there a way for Macro to capture the preferences on one computer, save it to some sort of file, and set up the other macros to "read" this setting and change its own settings before continuing?


I dont' think there is any way to do this... just kind of a shot in the dark.



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You can save and restore the preference settings for Macro Express (Tools, Export/Import Program Settings). But I don't think that is what you are looking for.


If you need to know the settings for Windows XP themes there is something set in the registry that indicates what theme is in effect.


You might also be able to dynamically determine what the theme is by opening the program and looking at the pixel color in a specific location.

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What I do in cases like this is create my own registry keys to store things like this that vary from machine to machine. Create a second macro that sets the variables for the user then read them in you main macro. Simple!


Alternatively if you can find a registry setting for the color you’re looking at try that. Run regmon and change the colors and see where it lives. Then you can read that in your macro.


Another thing you can do for detecting changes is polling the screen. I just wrote a macro for a client that interfaces with a terminal emulator. We simply do a CTRL+A, CopyClip, Clipboard to string var, and then evaluate that string var for the existence of telltale text to know that we have made it. Just a thought.

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