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Duel Desktop, right screen as main

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I've been fiddling with some macros and love the abilities so far, but I have run in to an issue; it seems you can't grab the active window's relative location if it's not in "positive window space". Allow me to explain:


I work in an engineering room where we all have duel monitors. Each person has their own setup and would like the macro to be versitile to each persons' own configuration. That being said, if a user choses to use their right screen as the main window (the one to contain the start menu) the left screen becomes negative X location (in theory it makes sense). What I've run in to is a few of the programs' abilities run out with this complication, such as the active window location. If I try to grab an explorer window that's on my left screen I can't get its X (left) position. All I can grab is the Y.


Is there a planned fix/workaround for this or is this something I'm going to have to deal with? Please let me know, I'd appreciate any help. Also, my apologies if this was brought up but I tried a few keywords in the search and did not find anything of use. If you need a visual or more information by all means let me know and I will do by best to supply any pertinent information.


Thank you


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I've just tried this, with an Explorer open on my left-hand monitor. I can get the x position (it's -954). However, I cannot open an Explorer window on my middle monitor and reposition it to a negative x location - the macro crashes!

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