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Remote Desktop Tool Radmin is not working with MEX


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Hi there,


i would like to use some macros while working on an distant pc i´m connected via Radmin http://www.radmin.com/index.php?lang_ui=en which is an remote desktop tool. I use Hotkey activated Macros with programspecifc scope (radmin.exe).


None of those macros is working. I even changed the scope to windowspecific (Radmin-window-name) but that didn´t help. Has it something to do with the type of tool? (remote desktop)


I don´t get it. It´s obvious that MEX cannot recognize windows of the distant pc displayed on my pc. But the local Remote Window should be recognized, no?


Even if it would work there is of course this limitation that windows or programs on the distant machine are not recognizable. What would be the best way to enable deliberately Sets of Hotkey Macros while working in one program and disable them or change this set of macros if changing to another program? Any idea? I´m talking about sets of up to 20 Macros.


Thank you.



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Since you are activating the macros with hotkeys, perhaps you could make the scope Global rather than window-specific? Even if you can't let them run permanently as Global, maybe that would get you through some additional testing.


I don't know how Radmin handles display of the remote machine's windows. With Citrix applications I have found ME can recognize partial window titles, enough so that macros can be activated by the appearance of a window. But when I have limited the macro's scope to window-specific it has been less predictable. Some ME functions, like hiding a Citrix window, have been unreliable at best. As you would expect, trying to use controls within a window doesn't work because the controls aren't really "there" from a Windows perspective. But keyboard actions work fine.


Good luck. Let us know how it works out.

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I will ditto what rberg said.


I have processors in India that use our system through Citrix. What we found out that works best is we installed ME on the citrix server and had ME operate from there. I would assume if you could install ME on the computer your "calling" your keystrokes then would activate the commands using the local ME program on that computer. Of course your specific macros would have to be loaded on that computer's macro express.


In addition, if you do this, when you go to invoke macros that are on the slave you need to terminate macro express on your computer. If I am working on the citrix screen and invoke a macro, usually my personal computer's macro express activates first. Therefore, I terminate my personal pc's macro express when I work on the Citrix screen. If you put ME on the slave computer you can then get specific as to windows to recognize. Hope this additional information helps.



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Good points, John. If ME can be installed on the remote computer, it will run more reliably and more ME functions will be available. We have an application hosted by a remote data center on Citrix servers, and would dearly love to run ME on the Citrix servers. Unfortunately the hosting company will charge us $5,000 per month to do this, because ME is not on their "standard" application list. So we are doing extra work to make ME work locally on each user PC.


If Alexis is supporting remote PCs that don't run ME at all, then in a way she is in the same boat we are, and must make do with whatever ME can handle via local Radmin.

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First of all. Thank you so much guys!


I did some additional testing. Even global macros which are running in every window are not working in radmin. I don´t know why. Installing MEX on the distant pc is not an option for different reasons.


If global macros are not working i don´t see any possibility to run macros in radmin. Well, i found a workaround but i guess you will laugh about this. :rolleyes:


I opened a text editor window and saved it under "Radmin.txt" Now the editor window is named "Radmin.txt" The Radmin windows name is "PC Office 3 - Full Control".


I put the whole set of macros (~20) scope to window specific "Radmin.txt". I did insert as first command in every macro: Activate "PC Office 3 - Full Control"


So before i run a macro i activate / click the "Radmin.txt"-Window. Then i move the mouse pointer over the radmin window and press the hotkey. So even Mousemacros work "in" Radmin.


Unfortunately i have to click the "Radmin.txt"-Window for every macro.


Anyway i´m still looking for the function to switch/force large Macros sets global. For this and another question i started two new threads. I would love to put a link in here but i don´t know how. Sorry :(

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I also use Remote Administrator, and have no problem with a macro I use which:

- runs a specific Radmin macro passing in a variable to determine which machine to open

- waits for the user and password screen, then fills in the required values and clicks Enter

- moves the mouse to a different monitor so that my mouse does not interfere with the remote user's mouse

- waits for the Radmin window to open, then resizes it to remove scroll bars

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Paul, are we talking about Radmin by Famatech? I use 3.0. Which version do you use?

Yes, I'm using version 3.0 of the same product.


I'll try to remember to bring my macro into work tomorrow so that I can send you the code - it's not complex.

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