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I am a maladroit with this program so forgive me if I ask an ignorant question. I see there are many ways to control a repeat but I can not seem to find the simplest and most obvious control. I would like to enter into a loop and at the end have it prompt the user if they would like to repeat. I imagine a dialog box with a “Yes” and “No” button with the “Yes” highlighted by default so one could just hit the enter key to have it fire again. I see one can use a variable but how can I avoid having them type something in?

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Hi, Cory,




try this one for a start; no doubt many other ways!

(Copy, Paste the code into script editor to see...)


Repeat until %T10%="CANCEL"

....Variable Set %T10%="A"

....Multiple Choice Menu: Repeat Loop Prompt

Repeat End


(Note the tick box to cont macro with Cancel)

Best, Randall



<REP3:08:000001:000001:0010:0:01:CANCEL><TVAR2:10:01:A><MENU2:2:T:10:CenterCenter:Repeat Loop Promptpress Return to Repeat; else CancelRepeat?T><ENDREP><TBOX4:T:1:CenterCenter000278000200:000:Finished!Finished!>

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Thanks, that works fine. Seems kind of clunky an unintuitive to the user but it works. If anyone else has a way for me you have a simple way for me to see a "yes" (else exit) buttons I would appreciate it.

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In addition to Randall's solution, you could look into the If Message/Else/End If construct and use it in place of the Multiple Choice Menu command.

Repeat Until %N1% <> %N1%
 Delay 1 Seconds
 If Message: ""
   Repeat Exit
 End If
Repeat End

                              OKAY TO EXIT LOOP?Center:Center><EXITREP><ELSE><ENDIF><ENDREP>

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