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Repeat with windows crash...

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Hi All,

I'm just now getting around to posting this..

A while back somebody posted a questions about remembering ths locations of the windows on the Desktop. I was playing around to see if I could write a macro for the job; didn't get very far.

These two lines of code seem to crash MacExp.


<REPEAT WITH WINDOWS ToRetrieve="\x01" SortOrder="\x00" Destination="%txtWindows%"/>



The first line is 'repeat with open windows in order of window' The variable is a text variable.


I don't have an activation, I just click the blue Test Run arrow.


Does this cause a crash for others? If it does I'll report it to the MacExp mothership.

Thanks -steve

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It runs OK here. What happens if you add a tiny delay? Are there any potentially 'unusual' names in the list, strings with % characters in them, that sort of thing? Try closing all of them, half at a time.


(Testing your macro prompts another question I've often been puzzled over, but I've posted that separately.)



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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