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Enable / disable a whole category of macros at a time?


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I don't think so, with ME3. You can write a macro with a bunch of disables or enables in it, and run that. Take a look at ME Pro. It has some added features, but I don't know if what you want is included.


Yes, in ME Pro you can use Enable/Disable Category.



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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but can u make a macro do that?


Yes. Set the "Scope" to the title of window -- "Macro Express - Macro Explorer" (or whatever it is... I don't have ME3 running now). Here is the script:


Text Type <ALT>c

Text Type b


Assign it to the hotkey of your choice. (I use Alt + B, for what it's worth!)

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Here is a code snippet for a script I wrote in ME Pro. Variables are handled differently in ME 3, and I don't know whether ME 3 supports the "if macro xxxx enabled" command.


This script enables or disables a macro nicknamed "Delete Line." I don't think it would be hard to modify the script to handle several macros.


The purpose of the first and last lines is to keep the topmost window focused. You may or may not need these lines.


Variable Set String %TopWindow% to topmost window title
If Macro "Delete Line" is enabled
 Macro Disable: Delete Line
 Text Box Display: "Delete Line" Disabled
 Macro Enable: Delete Line
 Text Box Display: "Delete Line" Enabled
End If
Delay: 1000 milliseconds
Window Activate: %TopWindow%

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the problem is running multiple macro enable/disable commands are slow. so i want to have a macro that can enable/disable a whole category with 1 command.


Did you try doing it by the simple method Alan suggested? Seems to me that your macro would just:


1. Activate Macro Express Explorer

2. Select the target category

3. Type the commands to Enable/Disable it.



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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