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Made a macro to routinely check my ailing index server to make sure it stays up and email me if it goes down. Works great but there’s one annoyance. If I already have a web window open it launches the link in that web window obliterating my session. How do I make ME “Open in a new window”?

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I use this command when I need to ensure a new browser window is opened. Just put the web address in the "Program Parameters" field of the "Program Launch" command.


Program Launch: "iexplore.exe"


<LAUNCHDEL2:0:01C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe<PARAM>http://www.cyberguys.com2>

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Perfect, thanks. I like Randall's suggestion best but I hesitate becasue in the past these sorts of global solutions sometimes cause problems elsewhere so I'll have to remember Jowensii's idea too. You guys are the best, Thanks!

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