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Selecting A Txt File, During Running Macro?


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Hi, for a macro I have made, I quite often need to change, which txt-file (with Tab Delimited Text) I have to use for the current task.


So when I start the macro, I would like a dialog-box that ask me to select the txt file for processing during "ASCII File Begin Process" as below. Now I have to edit the code directly every time. I searched after such a function, but didn't find it.



ASCII File Begin Process: "selected-file" (Tab Delimited Text )

If Variable %T1% = variable %T2%


End If

ASCII File End Process


regards Lars

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Randy’s right on but I would like to add something. If you use the same file over sometimes write the file name variable to a registry key. Then the next time add an "If Message" to display the last used file name to give you the option of using the same file as you did last time so you don’t have to browse every time. If there are several files you frequently use try the Multiple Choice Dialog box as a kind of MRUD (Most Recently Used Documents). It works real slick. If you’re really nerdy you can even set up a scoring system but that adds some complexity.

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