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Shut pop up page when it happens

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I've a PC that is running ME pro.


This pc is running programs 24/7 ..


Sometimes these programs give out errors that just keep piling up. In this case it's a browser.exe error.


can i set up ME pro to check for these errors and close them once every 5 minutes or something like that ?



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When you create a new ME macro, you must choose an activation method. Instead of "Hotkey," which is the default, choose "Window title."


Then either type in the window title or if the offending window is open, pick it from the "Browse" list. You can chose partial or exact match, and whether the macro is activated when the window opens or gets focus. (gets focus seems to work better in MEP.)

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A very "expedient" way I use to get rid of some annoying pop-ups that are impacting my work flow and piling up are to always "assume" they will occure and send a quick <Enter> keystroke or left mouse click to dismiss them before the next step. ....of course the downside is if they don't occur, it's cost you the time of that keystroke or mouse click.

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