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Old PGM macros - password needed?

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Not sure if Paul is still around? I'm pretty sure I got a few special Date/Time macros from him years ago, like these:


{ DateTime - Character DOW }
{ DateTime - Character Month }
{ DateTime - Date to Character DOW }
{ DateTime - Date to DOW }
{ DateTime - Date to DOY }


I'm also a bit vague about whether I was ever able to use them, but I certainly couldn't do so when I tried this morning. They are password protected and if i ever had a password, I've made no note of it.


They could be useful for a macro I'm writing so if anyone has any info I'd appreciate a heads up please.


Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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Thanks a bunch Samrae! My version was clearly way out of date. The new one works fine and does not require passwords. At the moment, anyway. I'm not sure it's free after a month though? Maybe that's what happened and the passwords cut in? Here's a bit of Joe's introduction:


What's New with Us?

For those experienced with using our functions, you will see that we have taken a different approach to
our PGM Functions Library™ than in the past.

Where we used to force $39 or so out of your death grip ahead of time, you can now use our PGM
Functions Library™ free for one month … then give us money.


BTW, I never heard any more after the queries here about Joe:





Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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I haven't heard from Joe either. I sent an email several months ago but never received a response. He's probably just busy with some big new project.

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