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Help Me: Macro command in doc

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I am doing a data entry project.. we should prepare the word document as per company rules (i.e.A4 paper, exact margins, font style etc) for the same I prepared a macro command and applied on it. I typed the whole Ms word documents manually and verified it again and again. I put 100% affort to complete the project without mistakes and I do the same. 
After completion I was submitted my project to the company. 

Now they are saying that I used a Software converter or Third party tool for typing the project and they are finding some codes in my documents and they are unable to upload the docs to data base server. I replied them that I didn't use any software to convert the image file to MS Doc. 

I promise you sir, I really didn't use any software to convert the image file to word. I work hard for it. I prepare a macro command in word and I used it only for font size and page margins. 

They said that they will show with proofs. 
Will my macro command application damaging my project sir or they are trying to cheat me. 
Please confirm me sir 
I am really begging you for an answer

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There is some language difficulty here but as I understand it you have included some text from a macro in your document, and that is causing the issue?

If so, did you perhaps copy/paste it from the Macro Express Pro script editor using the Copy command  (which will enter problematic code in the document). You should use Copy Cammand Text.


Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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On 11/26/2017 at 11:26 PM, terrypin said:

I'm struggling to understand why users who post what seems like an urgent problem (" I am really begging you for an answer") don't give us any feedback within a few days.

Terry, East Grinstead, UK

I have been wondering about this for years!

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