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Launch separate Powershell script silently

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I have a PowerShell script that creates a text file, that I will subsequently email via MEP.  I want to kick the PowerShell script silently from MEP.  I have read that I cannot embed PowerShell scripts in MEP, but does anyone know how to silently kick-off a PowerShell script from MEP?

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You could put the commands to run the PowerShell script into a batch file and run it from Macro Express Pro using the Program Launch command. A quick Google search turned up this example of how to run a PowerShell script in a batch file:

Powershell.exe -executionpolicy remotesigned -File  C:\Users\SE\Desktop\ps.ps1


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It probably isn't relative but one thing to bear in mind is that PS is by default, Unicode and MEP is ASCII/ANSI. I remember I was doing something in PS with MEP and I found a workaround by reading every other character. Unicode is 16bit so as long as the characters were still in the ACSII set, this trick worked. Someone once suggested that PS file encoding output could be modified to be ASCII. Set-Content cmdlet with '-Encoding ASCII' it might have been. But that was long ago. 

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